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JaNae Archer — Phone Number: 208-221-7159 — Email: contact@7acrekennels.com



We originally came from Blackfoot Idaho and established the beginnings of our breeding program and home on 7 acres of land, and thus our kennel name was born"7 Acre Kennels". We have since moved to Caldwell Idaho which is about 20 minutes outside of Boise Idaho.


We put a lot of emphasis on keeping our dogs family pets and not isolated kennel dogs. At times we may kennel the dogs when we are away or to give them their own personal space, but our dogs all get to come inside the house and all our dogs are considered our pets and receive daily love and attention. 

We regularly exercise our dogs. The Olde English Bulldogge breed is a working dog and we feel that physically and mentally challenging them keeps them physically fit and emotionally balanced. A few methods that we use for exercise are; long walks both on and off leash, brisk runs or jogs using our four-wheeler (the dogs love this!) and the treadmill. Both our dogs and we enjoy using the treadmill, especially in the winter months when weather is less than ideal outside! Our Bulldogges can also swim so for both exercise and fun we take them swimming with us at the river. Eventually we plan on adding weight pulling and spring pole activities to the lineup as well. 

We feed our dogs a combination of high quality foods. After hours of research and trying various brands of dog food we have selected a combo of Victor Grain Free and Sportmix Wholesomes to be our preferred dog kibble. There are several reasons why we have chosen this food. On this kibble our dogs maintain great muscle tone, have shiny and healthy coats and LOVE the taste as well that both brands are made in the United States, have not had issues with recalls, additionally these foods are corn free.  We then on occasion mix this kibble with ground up raw lamb meat that has been organically home grown here on location, raw eggs and diatomaceous earth as a natural de-wormer. 

The dogs also get raw bones to chew on, this promotes healthy teeth and gums!


We comply with the IOEBA’s Breeder’s Code of Ethics; we also adhere to the IOEBA’s Breed Standards for the Old English Bulldogge. 

Before using our dogs in our breeding program, we closely evaluate them and make sure that they meet and exceed their breed standards. You will never see us breeding dogs with noses over two inches long, severe easty westy legs (legs that point in two different directions), or dogs affected with health issues. We refuse to breed a dog afflicted with hip dysplasia, entropion, cherry eye or dogs with generalized Demodectic Mange. In efforts to make sure our breeding stock is healthy, we have our dogges hips x-rayed and screened prior to being bred.

We also refuse to breed a dog based on the color of its coat. Today there are many breeders out there that will focus their breeding goals on color and producing rare or uncommon colors. But here at 7 Acre Kennels we feel that to produce a capable, healthy bulldogge that is correct in conformation and functionally healthy, you cannot focus on coat color. Thus we do not put together breedings to try and achieve a rare color, but rather we focus on the health and structure of the dogs. Not to say that Bulldogges with rare colors are not breeding quality, many have good conformation however color should never be the top priority when producing a litter. If we do breed to a rare colored bully, it's only because they meet our requirements in temperament, health, conformation and not to produce "exotic" colors.

If a dog does not meet our standards/criteria, we will have it spayed or neutered and although it may still be our pet, it will be eliminated from the breeding program and thus preventing that dog from reproducing undesirable traits to future generations.


We are firm believers that early socialization and imprinting is key to raising a well rounded dog. Therefore we handle our puppies right from birth and expose them to new people and situations to promote proper mental development.

We guarantee our puppies for one year against life threatening inherited/genetic diseases; this includes Hip Dysplasia and even Entropion. Our puppies are kept current on their vaccinations and de-worming. Puppies are regularly checked by a Veterinarian and leave with a health certificate and records of their vaccinations.

All of our puppies are born and raised in our home and not outside. They receive constant attention and round the clock care and supervision. Because our puppies are born in home, we also teach them how to use a doggy door to help establish at an early age where the proper place to go to the bathroom is.

Our puppies will come with International Olde English Bulldogge Association registration papers. Then there is a lifetime of support from us. When a pup leaves 7 Acre Kennels they are still very important to us here, so we are available for the pup's entire life to offer advice, help and support for the puppy and his family.